Nutrition Check-up

Have you had your nutrition check-up?

March is often the month where athletes, whether recreational, elite or simply a weekly participant; start getting serious about their training.  The pre-season is starting for footy codes, triathlon clubs are ramping up, running clubs are in full swing, rowing teams are in the water again, basketball and netball teams begin their competitive season and winter sports are raring to go.

A full training load is not only a challenge to your physical body but also to your nutritional intake.  Many active people will keep their muscles and joints in top form with massage, physio treatment, a medical check, a podiatry review and a stretch regime, but have you considered your nutritional needs?  Do you need a nutrition check-up?

What is a nutrition check-up?

Your Eat Smart Dietitian will begin by questioning you about your sporting, life and medical goals.  Do you want to lose body fat, gain muscle, become fitter or lower your blood pressure?  Your Dietitian will then assess your current dietary intake in relation to your training habits.   You will then be given a list of goals to improve your nutritional intake and a complete nutrition plan to help you reach your potential.

I’m not an athlete, do I need a nutrition check-up?

Everyone can improve their diet to achieve better energy levels, improve body composition, improve sporting performance or simply get more out of life!

I train once per week and play a game once per week, what can a nutrition check-up do for me?

Many things! Do you know how to prepare yourself on the day of the game?  Are you fuelling your body adequately on your training day?  Do you have adequate recovery fuel to maximize adaptations to training?  Are you confused on what you should eat and drink at half-time?  Or do you simply need to eat better every day to manage your weight?

I’m just a general exerciser, could a nutrition check-up help me?

Absolutely!  Would you like to advance your fitness, step-up and do a fun run, increase your strength in the gym or simply feel better during and after exercise?  Then let one of the Eat Smart Dietitians assess your individual needs for the exercise you do and see what you can achieve!

Eat Smart Nutrition Consultants has 6 experienced Sports Dietitians who can give you a nutrition check-up to achieve your training, exercise and competition goals.