Rachel Vickery

About Me:

Rachel is a New Zealand trained Sports Physiotherapist who specialises in working with breathing issues affecting sport and exercise performance. Rachel is one of the few physios worldwide who combine a strong background in elite sports physio, biomechanics and movement with the importance of optimal and efficient breathing strategies. Rachel has worked with many of Australasia’s top athletes but she enjoys working with anyone involved in exercise and sport and has a particular interest in working with young athletes.

Rachel’s skills and approach are unique, combining many aspects of Physiotherapy to optimise performance. Treatment depends on a patient’s individual needs meaning the focus may be working on a patient’s breathing patterns or working on the musculoskeletal problems contributing to poor breathing and sub-par performance. Rachel also identifies big picture movement inefficiencies and puts in place a program to enhance performance.

- Masters Thesis “The effect of breathing pattern retraining on performance in competitive cyclists”
- Former Elite Gymnast – highlights Commonwealth Games and World Championships
- Lecturer Masters level paper AUT University “Breathing, Performance and Rehabilitation”
- Creator of “Growing up in Lycra” – DVD and school resource for young females in sport
- Co-Founder Physiopac Ltd state of the art exercise rehab platform

You do not need a referral to see Rachel. For more information on Breathing and Performance see www.breathingandperformance.com