Rachel Vickery

About Me:

Rachel Vickery, MHSc (1st class hons) For most of her working week Rachel is a Human Behaviour and High-Performance Consultant, qualified High Performance Sport Physiotherapist and Former International Gymnast. During most of her working week Rachel consults with Professional and Elite athletes, coaches and organisations; and other high-performance arenas including C-suite execs, trauma and emergency medicine personnel, elite military teams and tactical professionals to optimises performance, culture, communication and resilience in high pressure, high-stress and high stakes scenarios. In the sports world Rachel has worked with individuals and teams in the NBA (Golden State Warriors USA), the NRL (Melbourne Storm and Sydney Roosters) and the AFL (Brisbane Lions and Adelaide Crows) and numerous National, Olympic and World Champion level athletes, coaches and organisations from NZ, Australia and the USA, and is a performance ambassador for the global Leaders in Sport organisation. Rachel was an elite Gymnast on the New Zealand team for 6 years (Commonwealth Games and World Championships) before qualifying as a Sports Physiotherapist, then adding a few more qualifications to the toolkit to transition to her current field. However, a day and a half a week Rachel reverts to her physiotherapy roots based our of BSEMS, seeing clients with two key problems: 1. Breathing dysfunctions that may be impacting sport performance or creating undue anxiety, burn out or panic attacks. 2. Long standing low back problems than benefit from a bigger picture approach of excellent exercise prescription and an understanding of the impact a long term condition has on someone’s enjoyment of life. In her spare time Rachel has co-founded two digital health care start-ups, been a Director of Swimming Queensland, and been a co-reviewer and co-author of the Independent Review of Gymnastics New Zealand, after allegations of abuse and toxic culture in 2020. You do not need a referral to see Rachel. You can find out more about Rachel’s work here www.rachelvickery.com