Allira Rogers

About Me:

Director of Fine Tuning Consultancy

Allira completed her Master of Sport & Exercise Psychology at the University of Queensland early 2008 and has worked in a number of roles as a registered psychologist. She has worked primarily as a sport and performance psychologist with a range of athletes and performing artists, including recreational, school, developmental, State, National, Commonwealth Games and Olympic level athletes. Allira provides services for athletes of various ages, ability levels, and has worked with athletes from various sports such as swimming, netball, triathlons, rowing, tennis, hockey, and track and field.

Allira is passionate about her work and consults also to non-athlete clients at FTC. Allira consults to those who are high achievers, involved in high stress/pressure jobs (e.g., doctors, academics, pilots, business owners/managers), and students (school-aged and university) all who often display perfectionist tendencies.

Allira’s philosophy is to help all clients improve their performance, health and wellbeing, and resilience by equipping them with effective evidence-based techniques and skills, whilst creating a friendly and collaborative working environment.

She has supported and guided clients on areas such as managing the imbalance (between competing demands), performance anxiety confidence, motivation, recovery, time management, goal-setting, performance routines, attentional focus and concentration, activation and relaxation, and drug and alcohol-related issues. Additionally, Allira provide services for clients who can benefit from pain and injury management, anger management, treatment for moderate depression and anxiety, treatment for eating disorders or disordered eating, and stress management. Her work includes individual consultations, workshops and presentations.

Allira is a member of the Australian Psychological Society, and is a Queensland Academy of Sport approved provider and is registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. She is also a registered Medicare, Private Health Fund, and WorkCover psychology provider. To find out more about Allira please visit