EKCO Hand Therapy


EKCO Hand Therapy

The EKCO Hand and Upper Limb Rehabilitation Unit specialises in the provision of injury management for acute, chronic and post-operative patients.

Injuries may include fractures and dislocations, lacerations, tendon or ligament injuries, sprains or strains, and overuse injuries to the hand wrist or elbow.

Hand therapy intervention includes splinting, oedema management, early wound-care, scar management, mobilization, strengthening, reconditioning and task specific retraining tailored to the individual, their diagnosis and their occupational needs.  All services can be done here in the Hawthorne rooms, or at one of our EKCO clinics across Brisbane.

10 things to make your life easier with EKCO Hand Therapy:

  1. We can manage all conservative and post-op wound care of upper limb conditions. This includes scar management, ensuring range of motion, and providing protective orthoses for support and function.
  2. We have casting and splinting services for conservative fractures of the upper limb. This includes timely progression out of splint and exercises.
  3. We provide management of nerve injuries of the upper limb, including pain management, splinting or bracing, sensory assessment, sensory reorganisation therapy, and ergonomic advice.
  4. We can manage chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. This may include pain management, splinting, prescribing an individualised exercise program for function and stability.
  5. We provide early management of acute sports injuries such as PIP volar plate injuries and mallet injuries. This includes providing timelines for recovery and planning for return to work and sports.
  6. We are able to help with mobilising stiff hands and elbows. Treatment options include manual therapy, providing mobilising orthoses, and commencing on range of motion exercises.
  7. We are approved providers for Workcover QLD and DVA for hand therapy, and accept patients referred under the chronic disease management program.
  8. We provide regular updates and communication with General Practitioners, Upper Limb Specialists, Case managers and rehabilitation facilitators.
  9. We have multiple locations throughout Brisbane, including the Mater Private Hospital, Brisbane Private Hospital, Fortitude Valley, Chermside, Ipswich. This will allow ease of follow-up care for people wanting therapy depending on their location.
  10. Our hand therapy team comprises of occupational therapists and physiotherapists. If your patients have any preference for either occupational or physiotherapist, kindly let our staff know while booking the appointment.