Lauren Nugent

Lauren Nugent has been a dietitian for over 6 years, working in both clinical dietetics and sports nutrition. She started work in Private Practice and in Hospitals and Nursing Homes. She later took on work in a psychology practice to further her knowledge of the psychological impact of food and nutrition. Lauren joined Eat Smart Nutrition Consultants in 2005 to further her passion for sports nutrition and private practice.

Lauren consults on all general dietetic issues such as weight loss or gain, diabetes, cholesterol and lifestyle modification.  She specializes in sports nutrition, gastrointestinal disorders and eating disorder patients.

Lauren currently works for the Australian Institute of Sport as the Sports Dietitian for Sprint Canoe/Kayak and Squash. She also holds a management role as the Sports Science and Sports Medicine Coordinator for Sprint Canoe which is an exciting opportunity for a Dietitian! Lauren also consults to the QLD Bulls and is a nutrition service provider for the QLD Academy of Sport.

Within Eat Smart Lauren facilitates the Eat Smart in Schools program for Adolescent Athletes. The program started in 2006 to assist junior athletes to excel in their chosen sport. We have combined our knowledge and skills in elite athletes for use in the junior athlete. It is an exciting project and Lauren thoroughly enjoys consulting to school Rugby, Rowing, Soccer, Golf, Dance and Netball squads.

Lauren is a keen presenter of nutrition lectures to corporate groups, athletes, coaches and the general public on a variety of nutrition topics. Lauren enjoys making presentations interactive and fun to ensure all participants go home learning something useful!

On a personal note, Lauren likes to keep active by running, cycling, going to the gym as well as doing pilates and yoga! In fact, the more variety the better! Exercise is essential for Lauren to relax, recharge and distress.

Lauren loves to travel to all sorts of destinations around the world and particularly enjoys cuisines from other countries. She has a passion for all things food, wine and cooking – hence her career choice!