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BSEMS Start 2013 Blog

Matthew Hislop - Sunday, January 27, 2013

Welcome back for a New Year and further challenges in the world of sport and exercise. The BSEMS clinic has been busy seeing many patients already in the New Year. Dr Matt Hislop was the tournament medical officer for the Brisbane International Tennis Tournament which headlined many of the world's best tennis players. This brought a whole range of challenges, not the least of which was aiding athletes in dealing with Brisbane's extreme heat and difficult playing conditions. Unfortunately Dr Hislop was quite busy, and there were a number of withdrawls of players with injury. Thankfully most seemed to recover in time to renew their assault on the Australian Open.   More

BSEMS November 2012 Blog

Matthew Hislop - Sunday, November 04, 2012

November typically means the time of year when the major football codes have finished off their post season celebrations, and start the long road into pre-season training. It is also around the time of year when the WADA code for the following year is published. This is quite topical at the moment, particularly with infamous cases such as Lance Armstrong and the disrepute Cycling has been dragged in to once again. More

BSEMS October 2012 Blog

Matthew Hislop - Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The year is racing by, and in Australia summer is fast approaching. This means warmer weather, longer days, and increased chance to exercise. Overuse injuries are a common problem, and this month we discuss stress fractures, the bane of every serious (and not so serious) runner. While stress fractures can occur in any bone, the lower limb is particularly susceptible. Early diagnosis and management is the key, as well as strategies that they do not happen again! Happy exercising! More

BSEMS September Blog

Matthew Hislop - Saturday, September 01, 2012

First off our apologies for missing the August blog! It was a very busy and exciting time with Dr Hislop off to the London 2012 Olympic Games in his capacity as the team physician for Sprint Canoe. He felt extremely proud of the whole team, but special congratulations of course go to the Gold Medal winning men's K4 1000m squad of Jacob Clear, David Smith, Tate Smith and Murray Stewart! Dr Hislop tells us that the experience was absolutely amazing, and that the whole GB Olympic movement put on a great show.  More

BSEMS July Blog

Matthew Hislop - Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Things are getting exciting as we count down to the Olympics kicking off to end of the month. The eyes of the world will be on London as the best athletes compete together in a smorgasboard of sport. Dr Hislop is proud to be chosen as part of the Australian Olympic Committee Medical team travelling to London. More

BSEMS June Blog

Matthew Hislop - Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Winter is upon us, and the football season is in full swing. Injuries seem to be coming left, right and centre! More

BSEMS May Blog

Matthew Hislop - Wednesday, May 02, 2012

This month we have an article from our Occupational and Hand Therapist, Lauren Tomasel. Lauren is now working at the BSEMS every Tuesday afternoon. She can help with any acute over use upper limb injury, is very experienced at making thermoplastic and other upper braces, and helps our Upper Limb Orthopaedic Suregons with post-operative rehabilitation. Lauren is this month writing about scaphoid fractures. More

BSEMS April 2012 Blog

Matthew Hislop - Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Here we are 1/4 of the way through the year! Excitement is building with many Olympic trials ongoing or completing at the moment. Football seasons have well and truly started and winter is fast approaching.  More

BSEMS March 2012 Blog

Matthew Hislop - Saturday, February 25, 2012

Here we are in March, moving in to the beginning of the season for 3 of the main football codes in Australia. Unfortunately along with this comes the inevitable increase in injuries, some of which are season ending. This takes a enormous physical toll, with athletes often needing major surgery and a protracted rehabilitation process. It is important not to forget the the effect these injuries have on an athlete mentally as well- the devastation of long preparation gone to waste, the removal from the team and feelings of isolation, and often feelings of worthlessness or even depression. A strong mental approach is just as important as completing rehab exercises. At BSEMS we are fortunate to have our resident Sports Psychologist Allira Rogers, available to help keep injured athletes on track. More


Matthew Hislop - Thursday, February 09, 2012

2012 keeps moving along! It will not be long before the major football codes are back in full swing, with many clubs working their way through trials as we speak. Although a little way off, the Olympics are also coming, and many athletes are nutting out their preparations for hopeful selection to the Olympic team. More

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